Important Middle School State Test 


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Information for Families

Dear Archimedes Academy Families,


All students in grades 6-8 will take the Degrees of Reading Power (DRP) assessment from April 26th to April 28th.  The assessment will take place virtually during the core English class periods. The purpose of this assessment is twofold. First, we will be looking to see if your child made any gains in reading since the fall DRP to determine the effectiveness of our interventions. Additionally, as in the fall, we will use the results of the assessment to establish an individual plan of action for each student for September.  


Please note, this assessment will have no bearing on your child’s grades or promotional status.  However, it is imperative students take these assessments seriously as again we are using the results to determine how we can help make your child a more proficient reader. To that end, we are also asking that in you no way help your child.   We need to determine what they are capable of independent of help.


Also, in the name of determining a student's true reading ability, IEP/504 students will not be given any testing accommodations.


 English teachers will be providing students the link to the DRP assessment along with their usernames and passwords. These teachers will also provide students a video tutorial of how to access the link and how to take the assessment.


In order to help your child, do his/her best, please ensure they adhere to the following:

  • Take the test in a quiet space.  

  • If your child is having any technology issues, they should exit the test, and let their English teacher know immediately. 

  • If you and/or your child feel he/she did not take the test with fidelity, please let the English teacher know. The teacher will then request the administrator in charge reset the exam so the child can start again.






Ms. Tanya Mendola-Hammer

Assistant Principal


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