Archimedes Mission Statement

Archimedes Academy is a comprehensive 6 – 12 public school whose mission is to provide a rigorous, innovative, college preparatory education focused on math, science and technology applications while regularly celebrating the accomplishments of its diverse student body and culminating in a New York State Regents Diploma and up to 42 college credits.

Rationale for School’s Creation

If today’s students, our future citizens, are to live and thrive in the 21st century, it is not only essential for them to graduate our schools being able to read, write and communicate clearly with others, but for them to be literate in mathematics, science and technology as well. Whether or not students choose to pursue careers in the scientific community, it is imperative that schools provide them with a solid knowledge base in math, science and technology in order for them to take their roles as informed citizens in today’s society. Many traditional secondary schools fail to live up to this ideal. Archimedes Academy is a beacon for mathematics, science and technology applications in the Bronx.

Core Values and Beliefs

It is our belief that students learn best when they are engaged in demanding project-based curricula that activate their prior knowledge base. To learn, students must be challenged with a

variety of rigorous tasks that require them to do more than memorize new sets of facts. Project based and “hands on” learning experiences ground new material into a real world context thereby providing a familiar backdrop for the new materials.

It is our belief that all children desire and deserve to learn and all children can reach their maximum potential. However all children learn at different speeds and in different ways. Only by addressing student’s individual needs can a school enable students to reach their full potential. Project-based curricula utilizing technology addresses multiple learning styles, while engaging students and has been demonstrated to raise student satisfaction, develop social skills and enhance academic performance.

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