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At Archimedes, WE believe when students follow our  S.O.L.A.R expectations they will be scholars! 

SOLAR Expectations

  • Self-Aware

  • Organized

  • Leadership

  • Academically engaged

  • Respectful 

WE also believe that are students should feel welcomed, appreciated, and loved and know that they matter.  


The teaching and success of students exhibiting our SOLAR qualities will be achieved with the collaboration of the school communities and families.  


Below you will see a breakdown of each of the qualities of SOLAR and what this looks like in our school.  You will also see a PBIS Family Matrix so that you can see how these characteristics can be reinforced and look like at home.  Our PBIS Matrix and Scholar attributes will be taught, acknowledged, reinforced, and celebrated. 


Our collaboration is key to our students' success.  They have a lot to look forward to and together we can prepare them for a successful future.  

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